The inspiration for my WW1 friezes come from a variety of sources. A couple are inspired by paintings, notably by CRW Nevinson and Paul Nash, but mostly they come from poems, letters, songs and books.

These words allowed my imagination to perceive them through the medium of my bas relief panels. They may well not be an accurate depiction but that is not really the point. They are just my interpretation, inspired by the words of those who were there. I have not focused on the tragedy of the war itself, that having been well chronicled, but more of life behind the lines. Where the front line has been depicted it is usually in a moment of reflection.

The bronze friezes have been coloured with the application of chemicals and dyes applied to the hot bronze, which I believe gives them a unique and random quality. Unlike painted bronze sculpture which, in my opinion, is essentially two art forms in conflict and competition with each other, these patinated bronze friezes are a union, bringing colour and depth to the work while complimenting the underlying form.Only three will be cast from each mould, but every one of them is essentially a one off as the patination on all of them are deliberately different

Philipblacker Carosel6